20 Questions:
Language Class Observation Checklist

  YES NO  
1     Were there 10 or fewer students in the class?
2     Was the classroom comfortable in terms of environment and learning atmosphere?
3     Did the instructor have a pleasant and supportive personality?
4     Were the lessons communication centered, rather than informational, most of the time?
5     Was the instructor a native-speaker or near native-speaker of the target language?
6     Was the target language used as a medium of instruction all or most of the time?
7     Did the students do most of the communication, rather than the instructor?
8     Did the instructor maintain control of the class in a non-threatening manner?
9     Did members of the class seem compatible with each other and the instructor?
10     Did the students seem closely matched in their target language proficiency?
11     Did all of the students participate?
12     Were students enthusiastic?
13     Did the instructor use a variety of techniques to elicit communication activities?
14     Did the instructor assist students, rather than push them?
15     Did the instructor use normal, rather than exaggerated speech?
16     Were training aids used to enhance or reinforce results?
17     Were new learning objectives reinforced adequately?
18     Was correction applied moderately and positively so that it wouldn't inhibit communication?
19     Was there a balance of language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing?)
20     Were students dealt with appropriately for their ages? (e.g. adults treated like adults).