Teaching English from Day One

Publication Announcement 2011

Teaching English from Day One (TEDO) is a training and continuing evaluation system designed for ESL instructors by Ted Klein, that emphasizes classroom performance from the beginning of ESL training. More than fifty exercises in it have been used in adult immigrant and refugee English programs in several locations for students who speak more than twenty different languages. Exercises are designed to introduce and reinforce many basic skills in both oral and written contexts. Purchasers are given permission to copy these exercises for classroom use. Students who have used these materials have included those with many different home-country education levels, ranging from persons with no formal education, to university graduates who lacked communication skills in spoken and/or written English. TEDO is designed to produce students who do not depend on their native languages as a medium of instruction and has been used successfully with some persons with zero background in English.

A unique feature of this text is that it contains the ESL Criteria Performance Measure (ESLCPM) that breaks the training sequences into twenty basic skills that lead to functional competence in English that are measurable each step of the way. Measurement criteria are clearly presented and easily transferred to a scoring form. In addition several structural and phonological features of English are introduced in a holistic rather than step-by-step fashion as is done in most textbooks. This includes several basic verb tenses at one time in order for the students to get “the big picture.” All basic American-English vowel sounds are presented together in an early exercise to assure acoustic identification accuracy on a grand scale.

The goal of the TEDO is to carry students in zero, low or intermediate levels to a level of functionality in spoken and written English that will enable them to move on in their vocational or educational goals. The sequence of instruction emphasis is:
1. Listening
2. Identification of sounds
3. Speaking
4. Reading
5. Writing

The ESLCPM is designed to be used in conjunction with my phonologically based series: Listen & Speak. The first is Listen & Speak; for ESL Teachers of Spanish-Speaking Students. These texts are designed to enhance listening and identification skills and contain exercises for a wide variety of common listening and speaking problems, not limited to Spanish speakers. There are also student texts; one with the introduction and explanation of causes of problems for Spanish speakers written in Spanish (Escuche y Hable) and another student text Listen & Speak; English Student Text with an introduction and explanations in English for speakers of languages other than Spanish. Each book comes with four 80-minute audio compact discs for practice. Descriptions of these texts and purchase information are available at this website.

Persons wanting to purchase Teaching English from Day One:
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The retail price is $18.50. Each book will have a $5.00 priority mail shipping and handling rate within the USA. Quantity and international orders can be negotiated. Individual Texas residents will owe a state tax of $1.53 per text.