This is a reminder that reservations can be made now, for my two ESL workshops which are suitable for teachers with no background in teaching English to speakers of other languages, as well as experienced classroom instructors. Descriptions of what we do can be found at my website. The URL address is listed below. Feel free to contact me for more information. For maximum benefit from this training, I have two suggestions, based on past experience and feedback:

1. Applied Phonology is strongly recommended as a prerequisite to Teaching English from Day One. Persons who have done the two workshops sequentially have a much better grasp of what we are doing. If the two workshops are contracted at the same time, there is a sizeable discount. Ideally the workshops should be conducted one day apart, if they are away from the Austin area.

2. The only negative feedback that I have received is from some participants who felt that things "went too fast." To avoid this problem, the suggested full-four hours for each workshop should always be available. Some ESL programs have had to cut this time short because of their administrative requirements. Much of the material is new to most instructors and they need as much time as possible to absorb some of these concepts. Handouts and textbooks, usable in the classroom go with each workshop. I also invite all participants and administrators to contact me by e-mail or telephone if there are questions later.

I am currently designing a new workshop, Cultures in the ESL Classroom. It will have as its main objective opening the consciousness of teachers and administrators on how culture affects individuals, groups, and language itself, in a multicultural classroom. A textbook that I wrote several years ago will go with this workshop. It is called "A Field Workbook in Intercultural Communication." It is in a checklist type of format, describing features of all cultures and can open consciousness on cultural differences, which can and should be a source of pleasure and enlightenment for both teachers and students. Different is O.K! I would like some feedback now from any organizations that may be interested in this workshop, for planning purposes.

Following is a list of some persons who have sponsored my ESL teacher training workshops and courses in "Applied Phonology" and/or "Teaching English from Day One," and some feedback. Feel free to contact persons on the list.

1. Region One Education Service Center, Rio Grande Valley: Ed Guerra, Interim Director, and Sylvia Cantú, Coordinator/Curriculum Specialist, McAllen Workforce Development Center.

2.Austin Community College, Adult Education: Staff Training Coordinator: Debbie Talavera.

3. Odessa College in Odessa, Texas: ESL Coordinator-Adult Education: David Heath.

4. Austin Independent School District: Adult Education/ESL Community Education Coordinator, Debra Coe.

5. North Harris College: Houston, Texas, Adult Education Coordinator: Shannon Solis.

6. Austin Area Interreligious Ministries: Austin, Texas, ESL Coordinator: Lu Zeidan.

7. Austin Community College, Continuing Education Department, Teacher Certification: Director, Teacher Certification Program: Sharon Duncan.   

Ted Klein's Workshop Feedback from the Field

From David Heath in Odessa:
"Odessa College ESOL staff loved Ted's Training for the knowledge they received, the instructional methods they learned, the support materials they took to the classroom, and the favorite uncle they never had. Take the time and spend the money. Do it in two sessions if possible. I think you will be pleased."

From Ed Guerra, Interim Director, Region One Education Services Center:
"Thanks for your expertise and professionalism in providing instruction to our staff. You can provide my name or Sylvia Cantú as references for your agency."

From Christopher A. Jones, Adult Education program Manager, North Harris Montgomery Community College:
"I really appreciate you taking the time to give your lecture/seminar. This has a domino effect. it helps develop our instructors, allows for students to get better instruction, increases communication. posits techniques with our colleagues in the field and allows us increased performance statistics when proven techniques are applied correctly."

From Sharon Duncan, Director ACC Teacher Certification:
"Ted is a collaborator who makes things happen! He ran two classes for us and really made a difference with his students. I observed one session where the students were presenting and tweaking their skills of communication and mastery of English language teaching. I learned from watching a master at work with his pupils."

From Workshop Participants:
"Fantastic! Great Super! All the activities were great!" "I learned so much and am excited to get back into the classroom and teach." "For a long time, I haven't heard about phonetics. After this workshop, I'm going to review my knowledge about it and use it during my lessons. I'm impressed." "Enjoyed his enthusiasm and obvious knowledge of his subject." "It cleared up a lot of questions regarding the use of sound and listening. I will be able to use the information in the classroom." "Very good! It will help me with my ESOL students who want to speak English. I didn't know how to do anything other than teaching grammar." "Ted Klein's experience was great. He is doing what we need to be doing." "Strongly recommend this workshop presentation for all ESL instructors." F "Excellent as always." "We need more time." "It was like a college class. Super excellent!" "My teachers are making these really weird sounds and wanting strange things like white rocks, shells, etc...and even mice!! (The mice we can't find any.) They loved it!!" "Just thought I'd let you know that Ted Klein's "Applied Phonology" workshop last Saturday was very worthwhile-packed full of useful information, well structured, and an enjoyable experience. He provided real insight into how to teach students to really hear the distinct sounds of English." "I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the workshop. I learned a great deal and plan to use it in my class. Everything you said was useful to me in one way or another. I eventually plan to teach ESL or math abroad and find your life experiences fascinating and encouraging."