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B.A. English and Spanish, University of Texas at Austin. Additional studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, the University of Madrid, Spain and the Stanford Institute for Intercultural Communication at Palo Alto, California, plus numerous U.S. Government courses in training methods, course design and management.

Teaching English to-speakers-of other languages, ESL instructor training, foreign language teaching methodology, intercultural communication training, applied phonology, training-program design and management, using instructional technology, text writing, test development, training evaluation systems. A bibliography of publications and presentations is available.

Independent consultant/trainer in language and intercultural training. Freelance instructor, lecturer and writer. Independently conduct field-ESL instructor training around Texas. Contract ESL consultant/trainer Texas Education Agency. Part-time ESL instructor at Austin Community College in the Adult Education Department, Austin, Texas, since November 1999. Special projects: Instructor for the Customized Training (Continuing Education) Department at Austin Community College. June-July 2001-Conducted a special course in applied phonology for English teachers at Dumlupinar University in Kütahya, Turkey. July-August 1999-Senior Instructor; taught management and business English to adult pre-MBA students at the Shandong Electric Power Company in Jinan, Shandong Province in China. Was occasional substitute instructor at Texas Intensive English Program (TIEP), in Austin, Texas.

*April 1988 to December 1998
Founded and directed LANGTEX International, Independent Consultants in Language and Intercultural Training. The company specialized in preparing persons to negotiate and live in other countries and deal with international visitors and clients. Offered assistance in development of English and foreign language training programs, materials and tests. Authored & edited some G-TELP ESL tests used worldwide.

*January 1968 to March 1988
career employee of the Defense Language Institute English Language Center, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas:
*Chief, Specialized English Section, Resident Training Branch. Supervised an average of 60 supervisory, instructor and administrative personnel responsible for training students from more than 80 countries in specialized military and technical terminology.
*Regional Program Manager for Latin America and Asia in the Nonresident Training Branch.
*Chief, Course Design Section of the Curriculum Development Branch. Responsible for writing and production of general and specialized English materials used worldwide by DLIELC as well as instructor and management training texts. Supervised a large staff of course designers, writers and editorial personnel.
*Chief, Command Program Section of the Nonresident Training Branch. Responsible for over 200 nonresident English programs for U.S. military personnel, family members of U.S. military personnel and employees of the U.S. military who were not native speakers of English. Feasibility study and other efforts resulted directly in the formation of extensive DLIELC assisted training programs at various campuses of the University of Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rico National Guard. +Performed additional duties as Cross Cultural Coordinator for all of DLIELC. Formalized DLIELC intercultural training. Gave lectures and training to DLIELC civilian and military personnel on how to get along with and in other cultures. Did additional lectures and training at Wilford Hall Medical Center for obstetric staff on how to deal with Moslem patients and for the veterinary staff at Fort Sam Houston on how to get along in the Sinai Desert, to which they were assigned. Gave lectures to U.S. personnel from the Electronic Security Command on "Preparing to Learn a Foreign Language" and "How to Deal With Arabs." Designed an intercultural workbook for DLIELC personnel going overseas and conducted their training. Attended the Stanford Institute of Intercultural Communication twice.
*Served as Education Specialist in the Nonresident Training Branch preparing and processing DLIELC personnel for overseas duty. Traveled to Peru on temporary duty to provide orientation to Peruvian English instructors on language training methodology. This trip resulted in the founding of CIFA (Centro de Idiomas de las Fuerzas Armadas), which was the first united English program in the Peruvian military. Travelled to the Yemen Arab Republic to survey English language training problems resulting in the first in-country military English language-training program in Yemen.
*Trained international instructors on how to teach English in their countries in the Instructor Development Section. Also taught the Advanced Program in English Training Systems Management. Produced first DLIELC video training materials. Specialized in the application of phonology in speech training.
*Became DLI representative to the U.S. Pacific Command in Honolulu, Hawaii. Monitored all military English and foreign language programs in friendly countries in the Pacific area from Japan to Afghanistan. Served as liaison between the Commander in Chief, Pacific and DLI. Traveled to various Asian countries on staff assistance visits.
*Served as curriculum writer and course designer in the Curriculum Development Branch. Wrote tests and developed language textbooks used in Instructor Training and the Specialized English Section. Performed duties as cross-cultural coordinator including preparation of staff for dealing with the cultural and linguistic problems of the first incoming students from Saudi Arabia.
*Served as English language training advisor to the Royal Thai Navy in Thailand for three years. Monitored and advised in one intensive (full-time) and 17 non-intensive English language training programs for RTN personnel. Hired and trained local-hire instructors. Performed all official testing. Served as liaison between the Royal Thai Navy Education Department, DLIELC and the U.S. Navy Advisory Group on all language-training matters. Developed supplementary materials aimed at problems of Thai speakers learning English. Member Joint Anglo-American Committee on Teaching English in Thailand.
*Began career with DLIELC in the Instructor Development Branch training foreign and new DLIELC personnel in language training methodology. Developed supplementary materials used in instructor training. Also did critiques for DLIELC on commercial and contract publications.
*February to March 1967-Served as assistant coordinator of language training (Dari language) in the Afghanistan Peace Corps Training Program at the University of Texas at Austin. Assisted in the Turkey Peace Corps Training Program. September 1966 to January 1967-Taught English as-a-second language for the English Language Institute of Texas, University YMCA, Austin, Texas.
*June to September 1966-Served as Resident Linguist to the United Arab Republic on the Texas, Cornell and Brown Universities Consortium. This program, located in Alexandria, Egypt was responsible for the design of new English language textbooks used in the Egyptian school system. Coordinated, designed & edited.
*September 1963 to June 1966-Instructed in and coordinated the English program in the UNESCO advised College of Engineering in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Had a Fulbright grant under the U.S. Professors Program. Also, coordinated the first American secondary school/college instructors in 1963-4 for the International Office of the University of Texas. Instructed in and coordinated English language training for the Photogrammetric Section of the Ministry of Petroleum in 1965.
*Summers 1962,1963,1967-Instructed in English language and speech in the U.S. State Department Orientation Program for International students at the University of Texas. Taught Spanish to children in the Creative Arts School spring 1963.
*September 1961 to September 1963-Served as Special Instructor in English-as-a Foreign Language in the Saudi Arabian Training Program at the University of Texas, International Office. This program prepared Saudi Arabian students to enter U.S. universities.

Residence in Japan, Austria, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Spain, Thailand, China and Turkey. Extensive travel in Mexico. Additional travel in France, Luxembourg, Lebanon, Haiti, Belize, Guatemala and Hong Kong. Temporary duty assignments in Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Peru and Yemen. Speak, read and write Spanish. Functional background in spoken and written French, Arabic and German. Some experience with spoken Thai and Japanese and written Latin.

MEMBER: Texas Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages,TEXTESOL III (local Austin TESOL), The Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR) Austin Branch, The Fulbright Alumni Association and Austin, Texas chapter, and Melungeon Heritage Association.